Sacrificing Truthfulness

TWO DAYS before a May 5th, 2022 Sidney Island Strata vote granting access permission for the deer eradication, two residents who are strong supporters of the Deer Eradication plan being promoted by Parks Canada and Sidney Island’s Strata Council, sent out broadcast emails to all Owners containing INACCURACIES and MISINFORMATION.

In one email the resident claimed that without Eradication the Coastal Douglas Fir Ecosystem, which encompasses Sidney Island, would be permanently destroyed. NONSENSE. This is an ecosystem that stretches north from Victoria to Campbell River (250+ km) and south to Washington state. The idea that a few Sidney Island deer could have this impact is both misleading and false.

In the second email the Resident claimed that the deer are a corona virus reservoir and a potential catastrophic risk to humans. This claim is simply untrue, Full Stop!

Council and Parks Canada had no business supporting these claims and out of respect for Owners who have a different perspective and philosophy, they should have spoken up.

— Sidney Island Deer Management Society