I Feel I Have Been Misled

I’m quite baffled at all this as I already voted earlier this year in good faith on the eradication option along with most other owners and the motion to eradicate did not pass. I thought this contentious issue was over, and council and the owners would work towards finding a fair compromise to achieve what most owners want…. reduce the deer population enough so that native plants can re grow while allowing black tailed deer and a few fallow deer to exist so that they can be harvested. Personally I have seen very little effort go into controlling the invasive plants and restoring the native plants since we became owners, but I have seen a lot of effort go into keeping the deer population at a reasonable level.

It is hard to believe that “eradication” is repair and maintenance” and there are no “significant changes “ to the use or appearance of the common property. Firstly if there are no more deer roaming the island that is a pretty big change. If there is no more hunting on the island that is a pretty big change. If everyone starts planting flowers and plants, and using up the island water resources that is a big change. And lastly if there will be no change to the island why would the government be spending 6 million dollars to slaughter deer and change the islands ecology ??

Why do we have a council that we vote in, and why do we bother voting, if the following council members can just overturn what the previous council did and what the members voted on? Or if the CRT can intervene and court order us to change the threshold and re-vote?

Also, who approved the related legal expenses incurred during this process? I don’t remember owners being asked if they wanted to pay for this and I didn’t see an amount approved in the budget?

Needless to say I am disappointed with our current Council and how they have been going about things in this regard. I also feel that they, and we as Owners, have been manipulated and misled by Parks Canada who refuse to consider alternative deer control strategies, have not provided a real plan for “reforestation” after they eradicate the deer, are planning to spend 6 million dollars of taxpayers money on a private island, and seem to take it for granted that they can just access our private properties and our Conservancy areas whenever they choose to do so.

I sincerely hope that the final outcome will be a compromise and not a win or lose situation as it is positioned today.

Jindra Casperson, Lot 100